Agency: Cogensia


The restaurant industry has faced consistent declines in customer traffic over the past two years, and Houlihan's is no different. While they knew dining habits were changing, Houlihan's had limited customer data and actionable marketing tools at their disposal. They had a traditional eClub with approximately 400,000 members, but members were not connected to transactions. Houlihan's only option was to use a one size fits all marketing approach that relied heavily on discounts to drive traffic.

Houlihan's needed to transform their business through customer-centric marketing to migrate away from discount-driven offers. This required a change in their approach to customer acquisition, data management, use of analytics, and channel tactics. Immediate results and insights desired by Houlihan's were:

  • Driving measurable, incremental traffic; from first time and repeat customers
  • Building and growing an actionable customer database beyond eClub
  • Leveraging customer behaviors to personalize marketing
  • Increasing margins by decreasing reliance on discounts