Campaign details

Agency: Havas London

Persuade the Chancellor to change his mind about beer tax by drumming up petition signatures and emails to MPs.


Since targeting MPs to prevent beer tax increases had fallen flat, Havas London and Britain's Beer Alliance went after voters instead. Tax increases were positioned as a direct threat to pubs in a bid to behave like a protest movement.

To maximise impact, communications were timed with two major peaks in spend, just before and just after the summer Parliamentary recess. Messaging reflected successful modern movements and a highly targeted media campaign was used to ensure MPs noticed.


Emotion needed to be a strong part of the campaign to appeal to pub-goers and landlords. The creative played to fears of pub closures that would impact communities and culture if tax increased.

Facts were also vital for people to get behind the initiative and act, so research was shared revealing three pub closures per day. Using petition signing and writing to MPs as calls to action, the campaign helped supporters claim the issue was "bigger than beer".