Campaign details

Agency: Fresh Egg

The challenge was to identify and understand the online behaviour and motivations of Londoners aged 18-45, in regards to their mental wellbeing.

And then to translate those insights into a campaign to support the launch of the new Good Thinking service from the NHS.


This work coalesced around a micro-targeted PPC campaign with a strategy founded on a ground-breaking approach for the NHS.

Of the one million people in London to experience poor mental health each week, 60% will not receive any support for their mental wellbeing.

The quest to self-diagnose via the internet and online sources gave a varying standard of advice for issues around sleep, anxiety, depression and stress.

There was a need for a clinically-approved voice from the NHS to help people reach the right support.

The project commenced with extensive qualitative research to better understand the mental wellbeing of Londoners aged 18-45.