The aim of this paper is to present and to "train" attendees to a new methodology made to decipher in a qualitative manner web navigation data.

This paper will discuss the opportunity of using this kind of data forqual researchers, present the methodology that we suggest, and use it on a couple of examples from various industries. One of our core illustrations will be based on the "appiness project" presented at an earlier conference..

What kind of material do we use? What is web navigation data? How do we collect it?

For almost two years now, in France, Germany and in the UK, we monitor continuously the online behaviour of a national representative sample of around 2,000 people (in each of the three countries) on their computer and or their mobile devices. More precisely, they have all agreed to share their data with us1) and have installed a software / an app on their device. This allows us to get all the webpages they visit, all the apps they use and for how long, etc...