Visa is one of the world's most well-known brands, arising from an extraordinary heritage of completely separate corporate entities in five different regions, who came together under one unified corporate structure with the 2008 IPO. A key component to drive insights through the previously siloed business, was to launch a platform called the Global Insights Exchange, in order to leverage insights across countries and business lines. Rather than adopting a high-risk "technology first" approach, Visa developed a new concept of integrating behavioural change, governance and technology to deliver transformation, the high-tech way.

In this case study, Robert Adams (Vice President Global Human Insights, Visa Inc.) will describe the foundations for transformation the high-tech way, identifying key best practices that can be leveraged by other organisations. Elizabeth P. Morgan (co-founder at Market Logic Software), will share the technological underpinnings for the strategy and an outlook for the quarters ahead. We will see how change management can be flipped on its head with the interplay of behaviour, governance and technology, to create lasting structural benefits for the research organisation and the business at large.

Transformation the high-tech way