During times of crisis, people's beliefs, habits, and relationships with brands and distribution channels change. In 2013, at Unilever Argentina we created "The Thermometer", our holistic program to understand people and consumption during turbulent times. It started as a wake-up call for the business by raising the relevance of understanding people in the new context. Thanks to its success in helping the business deliver in a tough context, it became more than a project and was continued as an ongoing reference, generating new lenses and a language for the business to connect with consumers. Through a continuous and holistic approach, insights were used to create a clear picture of people's lives, inspiring new actions and provoking fresh thinking on brand plans. Since then, more than 100 new and refined ideas have been delivered to the market as part of the process. Unilever Argentina has been able to get the most out of crises by gaining market share, developing markets and remaining the No. 1 consumer-goods company in our country.