With algorithm changes, high profile data breaches and new platforms galore, is the promise of social media coming to an end? No, but marketers must come to terms with adapting to constant change, according to Jan Rezab, co-founder of social media analytics company Socialbakers.

Although drops in paid and organic reach on Facebook are hitting many brands hard, Rezab’s advice is not to panic.

“If you're a marketer making decisions, what (drops in paid reach) tell you doesn't mean that you should advertise less on Facebook. It means, on the contrary, that most brands need to still double up on their social media investments,” he explained at the Socialbakers social media conference in Bali, Indonesia recently.

With platforms regularly updating their algorithms, change is to be expected.

“Be smart about it and definitely don't panic the second Mark Zuckerberg posts something on his Facebook page - if you have a really good strategy and if you keep adapting it with data, then this shouldn't shock you and absolutely should not come as a surprise to anyone.”