Businesses that boast ad nauseam about their ‘customer obsession’ are mostly paying lip service, according to HubSpot’s managing director for APAC, Shahid Nizami.

“A lot of businesses today say they are ‘customer first’ – that’s a trendy thing to say,” he observed, speaking at the recent ‘Grow with HubSpot’ Singapore event.

“Most businesses today are ‘customer eventually’. The customer is more of an afterthought.”

As findings from HubSpot’s internal research shows, consumers can be unforgiving:

1. They are becoming less patient

90% consider immediate responses from customer service representatives as being “important, if not very important”. (Source: Consumer Customer Support Survey, Q2 2018)

2. They are skeptical

Just 3% would consider salespeople and marketers as being trustworthy. (Source: Global Jobs Poll, Q2 2016)

3. They trust recommendations from peers