Gayatri Sriram, digital creative head at the ad agency FCB Ulka, observes that as a female creative professional, she’s most likely making 19% less than her male counterparts.

“I also have a very short list of role models because globally only 11% of creative directors are female,” she added, speaking at the Zee MELT 2019 conference held in Mumbai organised by Kyoorius.

But Sriram noted that there is no need to delve into the issue of patriarchy, as women do not need studies and surveys to know that it is alive and well.

“There was a study done with about 5000 men and they said sexism doesn’t even exist, which is hilarious, it’s like a bunch of men got together and said that they don’t encounter it and therefore it does not happen,” she recalled.

Considering the reality of the situation, the focus she said, should be what women can do about the situation, to go about affecting change.

A vocal advocate of diversity and inclusion and women in leadership, Sriram has over 10 years of experience in creative communications. Last year she featured in Campaign Brief Asia’s list of India’s hottest creatives.