Acast knows a thing or two about podcasts. It offers an end-to-end service for podcasters, including hosting, consulting, monetisation, marketing analytics, so it’s well placed to observe how the market is developing. At IAB Sound Investment (London, May 2019), Jack Preston and Joe Copeman highlighted five trends.

1. Accessibility

Ten years ago, listening to a podcast involved downloading to an iPod or streaming via a desktop; five years ago, they’d migrated to Apple or Android podcast apps, which remain the most popular ways to listen. “But markets are becoming a lot more fragmented,” said Preston. “We’re seeing music streaming services, such as Spotify, pivot to embrace podcasting.”

The fact that an outfit like Spotify is investing heavily is good for the industry, he argued, as it has expanded the universe for listening to podcasts – in home or car, via smart speakers or smartwatch.

What’s new in podcasts?