In recent weeks, Dell has released a slate of 360-degree videos – viewable on connected devices and virtual-reality (VR) headsets alike – that offer an immersive view into the lives of the factory workers at one of its major suppliers.

The Round Rock, Texas-based technology manufacturer believes this content provides a unique form of transparency into its corporate practices at a time when its customers – both in the business-to-business space and individuals buying products for personal use – increasingly are concerned about precisely how goods are made.


Jennifer Allison, VP/global supply chain sustainability, Dell

"When people think about [the] supply chain, many times they think about the environment [and] what goes into our products," Jennifer Allison, Dell's VP/global supply chain sustainability, told delegates at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas. "But there's also the human element of that, and all of these people that are working to create these products.