Barry's Tea: Give it time to brew: How Ireland's longest-running brand idea helped Barry's Tea to ride out the recession

Agencies: Irish International and OMD

Introduction & Background

Source: Behaviour & Attitudes, Barry's Tea Advertising Research. October 2008.

In 2008, the Irish tea category was built around two pillar brands - Barry's Tea and Unilever-owned competitor, Lyon's - with any market developments largely occurring on the periphery1.

The tea category was stable and mature, with an average of 5.2 cups of tea drunk per day2. Ireland really is a tea-drinking nation.

As such, the category was anomalous in that genuine brand loyalty existed. Much like choosing a political party, tea brands were seen as an integral part of Irish personalities. By and large you either come from a Barry's household or a Lyon's household. Even as younger generations gained their independence, they continued to fly the flag by taking the family's tea brand of choice with them. Private label brands tended to be largely disparaged and viewed as being a false economy3.