Cadburys: Combining science and art to maximise effectiveness

Agency: PHD

Introduction & Background

Cadbury Dairy Milk(CDM) is Ireland's most loved chocolate brand and is known for memorable creative campaigns that surprise and delight its fans. The Gorilla and The Eyebrows ads, which were created centrally, are still referenced years later and campaigns developed locally in Ireland, such as Dunphy & Giles and The Joy Tree, connected Irish consumers to the brand, generating mass reach, local excitement and conversation.

Cadbury Ireland has had success in previous ADFX awards, winning Gold in 2012 and Silver in 2014, and this is testament to their continuous embedding of effectiveness measures to test, learn and evolve all of their campaigns.

However, this isn't the story of Cadbury investing in another large budget creative execution to run a burst campaign or launch a product. It is instead a story of their media agency, PHD, collaborating with Cadbury to realign the brand strategy in Ireland by unlocking the Science and the Art of advertising.