Cuisine de France: A Bread Basket Case

Agency: Rothco

Introduction & Background

"Should we just drop the brand completely? There is no evidence in that report that suggests it's a brand worth investing in. Produce the products and let the retailers sell them through their own labels." Dave O'Donoghue, CEO Aryzta

Our story starts in the boardroom of Aryzta in February 2013, one of the biggest bakers in the world and home to the Cuisine de France brand. B&A had just finished presenting. They had been tasked with examining the position of Cuisine de France in the market and to investigate the meanings and values attached to the brand. The findings were stark as consumers saw the brand as bland, corporate, boring and mass-produced, with very little depth in character.

Responsible for introducing fresh French bread and pastries to the Irish market in the 1990's, Cuisine de France was once loved by the masses. They had given consumers a taste of a continental lifestyle. Their ability to provide the product, training and equipment to retailers allowed them have a presence in every corner of Ireland. Years of growth, distribution and new product development followed.