Fàilte Ireland: Making Dublin click again with tourists

Agency: In the Company of Huskies

Introduction & Background

This is not a story about a beer, a bar, or a bank. It's not a story about big corporations or shareholder profit. It's a story about Dublin, and how, when it was most down on its luck, a series of brave communications decisions by Fáilte Ireland and its agencies helped bring it back from the brink.

These decisions were many and varied including:

  • Forgoing the traditional media it had always used and instead turning to digital and social channels.
  • Building new models centred on how a tourism destination might use these channels to build a new brand for itself.
  • A seemingly counterintuitive approach focused not on selling the city itself but rather the passions and interests that happened to take place in the city.
  • A deliberate and progressive 'letting go' of the creation of many of the assets the city used to sell itself, passing them over instead to Dublin's creative class, tourist businesses and tourists themselves.
  • Setting in place the KPIs which would allow all concerned to understand and manage the work being done.