How Advertising & Brand Building kept Deep RiverRock Hydrated Over 10 Years

Agencies: McCannBlue and Mindshare

Introduction & Background

"Emotional brand-building business effects should not be evaluated over a period of less than 6 months and ideally over at least 1 year". The Long and the Short of it, Binet & Field, 2013

We've taken the authors of this seminal study at their word. Our case study presents the evidence for advertising's crucial role in the delivery of an emotional brand-building business effect - one that we've evaluated over not just one year, but ten.

In keeping with Binet and Field's findings regarding the much greater value that long-term campaigns generate vis-a-vis short-term ones, we will show that it was by continual investment in (i) share-of-voice and in (ii) the 'emotional priming' of our target market that Deep RiverRock reached its goal of being No.1 for value and volume.