McDonnells: How a dry curry sauce pasted the market

When Irish people think of curry - not kormas, tikka masalas or Thai reds, but Curry (Capital C)- what they are thinking of, whether they know it or not, is McDonnells Curry Sauce.

Curry Chips, or chips drowned in curry sauce, has been a mainstay of every Irish local town chip shop for nearly 40 years now.

Served at home with chicken and rice, it's the curry sauce that Irish people have been brought up on.

Up until recently, McDonnells had been the untroubled kingpin of the category (dry curry powder which becomes curry sauce), and as such, had never had any need to invest in any advertising communications.

It was a successful product but, practically speaking, an invisible brand - having never been advertised. Everyone knew curry sauce. Far less were aware it was McDonnells. In fact, even those who knew McDonnells saw it as being indistinctive versus its competitors.