MINI: Round Ireland Relay

Agencies: Cawley Nea\TBWA and Vizeum

Introduction & Background

Sharing The Fun All Over Ireland

Let's face it, test drives are usually pretty perfunctory and boring - it's just you and the dealer driving a safe distance on a well-defined route.

As experiences go, it screams 'BORING!'... especially if you're a fun, outgoing, sociable brand like MINI.

So we disrupted the notion of the test drive by creating The MINI Round Ireland Relay - the First-Ever-National-Collaborative-Test-Drive-Campaign to show just how good driving a MINI can be.

Connecting our network, one drive at a time

We invited potential MINI drivers to bring a friend with them to a MINI dealer and tasked them with test driving to another MINI dealer somewhere in our network - all we asked was that they made sure to stop off at the best places in Ireland on their way.