Natural Confectionery company: How Jelly Phants were born

Agency: PHD

Introduction & Background

'If you're trying to disrupt the status quo and beat competitors, you're not going to do it by playing their game' (Darmesh Shah - Entrepreneur)

Our ethos at PHD is to 'find a better way'; to push boundaries and find solutions that shake up the status quo and improve performance.

The crux of this paper is about how, with a small budget of €131,000, our advertising campaign delivered the most successful ever launch for The Natural Confectionery Company (TNCC) in Ireland.

However, we need to go back and tell a wider story, because it is due to an early communications campaign that this product launch happened in the first place.

This is the story about how, over a two-year period, PHD Ireland disrupted the status quo for TNCC and brought a declining brand back into growth.