Three does All It Takes for the Irish Rugby Team

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Introduction & Background

"I truly believe that if you've got The Try, anything is possible. All it takes, is all you've got."

The Try - The secret to success in life and career

James P Owen

On the 3rd of March 2015, the final stage of Three's merger with O2 would be complete and the O2 brand would cease to exist in the Irish marketplace. Aside from the launch of the iPhone in 2008, this would be one of the biggest events in the telecoms market since Three launched in 2005.

A lot would happen in the preceding months. In fact, every single customer of both brands would be informed of the event and every step and precaution would be taken to ensure that this transition was a smooth one. It would need to appear like business as usual for all concerned, especially for the larger O2 base, who, without making any active choice, would wake up one day and see the number 3 in the top corner of their phone where O2 once resided.