Campaign details

Brand: Baileys
Advertiser: Diageo
Agency: Mother; Carat


This is a story about the one of the world's most-loved spirits brands, Baileys, and its transformation from dusty liqueur to delicious treat.

It's the tale of Baileys fortunes in GB – a market central to the brand's growth, the biggest market in Europe for Baileys, and the second biggest market globally. In GB Baileys represents 12% of profits1 (the third biggest brand in GB behind Guinness and Smirnoff).

This case demonstrates how having nothing to lose can inspire radical reframing of the brand, media and creative strategy to trigger consumption and deliver a profit ROI 1.3 times than the pre-campaign average and 2.6 times the Spirits category average across Europe.2 This delivered a 54% increase in average annual net profit generated for the business.3

Background: the Irish cream conundrum