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Brand: Coeliac UK
Advertiser: Coeliac UK
Agency: McCann Birmingham

A summary of what we did

Coeliac disease is a serious, lifelong condition. It's also one that often goes undiagnosed.

Many sufferers don't realise quite what it is they have. And the NHS doesn't offer routine testing for it. This is a problem.

Left untreated, coeliac can lead to life-changing complications.

It's estimated there are 500,000 undiagnosed coeliacs, suffering in silence and managing their symptoms without tackling the root cause.

Between April 2015 and July 2017, we got over 84,000 people - 17% of all undiagnosed coeliacs – to take positive action towards their ailment.

We did this despite a cluttered space and despite an extremely low budget.

A serious disease that's not taken seriously

Coeliac disease is a serious autoimmune digestive condition affecting 1% of the population. Triggered by gluten, it damages the gut lining and hampers nutrient absorption.