Campaign details

Brand: GWR
Advertiser: Great Western Railway
Agency: adam&eveDDB; Wavemaker Manchester


How do you encourage the Great British public to give up the convenience of their cars and go on holiday by train? How do you do this against the constant drip of negative media stories around ticket prices and delays? And how do you do this in a way that pays back your investment over 5-fold in just 3 months.

The answer? You enlist the enthusiastic help of 4 children, lashings of ginger beer…and a dog called Timmy.

This is the story of the new UK campaign for the Great Western Railway (GWR) in the autumn of 2017.

Our strategy was not the obvious one – no selling train tickets rationally by countering negative price or convenience perceptions.

Instead we sold tickets by capturing people's hearts. By evoking powerful emotions of holidays past. When the sun always shone, there was always cake for tea, and there was always an adventure to be had before bed-time.