Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's
Advertiser: McDonald's 
Agency: Leo Burnett

Executive Summary

Trust is critical to business. Yet there is scant evidence, nor a single paper in the IPA databank, demonstrating the effect of trust-focused communications on the bottom line. This paper sets out to rectify that, outlining the relentless focus McDonald's has placed on rebuilding trust over the past decade. Our journey sees us building cognitive trust in phase 1, developing affective trust in phase 2, and finally finding an optimal balance for communications in phase 3. We will prove how this relentless focus has nearly doubled brand trust, delivered over £900m in incremental sales and achieved a ROI of £6.09.

The Importance of Trust in Society; From Milk to Macroeconomics

Trust. It underpins every aspect of our lives yet it's something we regularly take for granted.