Campaign details

Brand: Prospan
Advertiser: Flordis Australia


This is the story of how Prospan, a kids' natural cough remedy, created the world's first cough prediction algorithm to overcome significant business challenges in the Australian market, and deliver a 27% increase in sales in a market that shrank by 8.5%.

In 2016, the odds were stacked against Prospan. Their marketing budget was dwarfed by big pharma competitors, overall competition had increased, the target market was disengaged, and Australia endured its fourth hottest winter on record.

We uncovered and leveraged existing behaviours, then used big data to build the world's first cough prediction algorithm. It told us when children would get sick across Australia suburb-by-suburb, allowing us to only turn on our media in those suburbs at those times. All of which meant we could deliver the perfect message at precisely the right time to concerned Australian mums.