Campaign details

Brand: Sainsbury's
Advertiser: Sainsbury's
Agency: AMV BBDO; PHD Media


Between 2013 and 2017, a Christmas miracle happened.

Sainsbury's used the power of entertainment to boost brand profile at the most important time of the year, investing in creativity, rather than media, to make a huge difference to the business.

Christmas is for Sharing generated four breakthrough campaigns, contributing £1.7 billion to the business over four years during one of the toughest periods in Sainsbury's history.

These campaigns have now earned 94 creative awards (more than the total number of creative awards earned by Sainsbury's in its entire history up to that point), contributing to a significant cultural impact, helping make Christmas an event in UK advertising.

Sainsbury's campaigns have evolved in form and content each year, to improve in effect and each year achieve more. We changed the formula each time to keep the approach fresh and learn from the previous year. Each year a new cultural creation involving extraordinary collaborations.