Campaign details

Brand: Soothers
Advertiser: Nestlé
Agency: Ogilvy Australia


This case study demonstrates how Soothers – an Australian throat lozenge brand – overcame two monumental challenges. At a product level, it was perceived as ineffective in a category that's all about being effective. Worse still, at a business level, the brand lost 16% of its distribution, which equated to a 31% loss of market share.

Soothers' strategy to combat these dual challenges was to create a brand-new category to play in; one that would reposition its relevance and widen its appeal.

Though Soothers' market share was projected to decline by 31%, this campaign minimised the losses to just 14% in year one alone – a monumental 55% less than the projected loss of market share – thus saving a 50-year old brand, that had been in long-term decline, from death's door.