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Brand: The Women's Foundation
Advertiser: The Women's Foundation
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong


The objectification of women and discrimination at work are problems the world over. In Hong Kong though, the issue has entered the language. The term "Career Line" (事業線), is used to describe both a women's career and her cleavage, widely used interchangeably in everyday conversations, social media, and even by local tabloids. The casual use of this term has blurred the line between harmless jokes and serious workplace issues.

When people use the phrase 'Career Line' to refer to a woman's cleavage, they are belittling the real drivers behind a woman's success. And although many might see it as a harmless joke, research shows that this kind of casual sexism has a significant effect on a women's and girls' self-esteem. It can cause women to feel overly body-conscious and promotes a culture that demeans women by reducing them to a collection of body parts. In short, it makes discrimination and harassment more permissible.