• The common strategy of using fast speech style to convey information in a short period should be avoided if the goal is for listeners to understand and better remember the information.
  • Optimal timing is about 180 words per minute for a commercial delivered at a moderate, dynamic pace, which is a little bit faster than normal.
  • This speech rate allows the listener to follow the information easily. The consequence is a more positive perception, more attention and arousal, and more recognition and recall of information.
  • A shorter commercial script, conveyed at an optimal speech rate of 180 words per minute, is more effective than a longer message delivered very fast.


Speech rate, the pace a speaker uses while speaking, is considered one of the most influential features in processing speech (see Schelten-Cornish, 2007). Because this timing can affect information processing, it is a crucial feature to understand advertising messages. Some studies have shown that broadcasters tend to employ a rapid speech rate across different languages, especially news presenters (Castro, Serridge, Moraes, and Freitas, 2010; Finkelstein and Amir, 2013), even over 200 words per minute (Rodero, 2007, 2012; Shevchenko and Uglova, 2006).