This is the story of how one idea brought the advertising and media industries together to do something meaningful in society.

In 2017, a new administration entered the White House and set sights on weakening the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—health care reform intending to offer low-cost options to Americans. Specifically, they cut the advertising budget by 90% while reducing the enrollment window by half. The goal of cuts was to reduce the number of people signing up for government-subsidized health care.

In response, a group of concerned Creatives and Strategists came together to create the Coverage Coalition—a grassroots collective of creative and media thinkers from across the country who united to get the word out about ACA and ensure that Americans knew their health care options.

The Coverage Coalition, despite a 90% cut in advertising budget, a 50% cut in the enrollment window and no budget, reached over 100 million people in the six-week campaign period. Crucially, we achieved our goal of driving the same number of people to enroll for health care coverage as they did in 2016.

A Bleak Situation