Grads of Life aims to connect hiring managers to opportunity youth, a segment often overlooked for jobs because they lack traditional credentials. While these young adults may not have access to higher education, they make up for it with skills like resilience and accountability– skills that are invaluable, but very difficult to communicate on paper.

Past Grads of Life campaigns had taken a PSA approach, relying on print and TV ads to build awareness of their cause. But this approach didn't get at the root of the problem: We needed to disrupt hiring manager behaviors and incite action, not just awareness. As we studied hiring behaviors, we discovered a groundbreaking insight: Hiring managers skim through resumes at a rate of 7 seconds each. So we reframed every element of our communications approach to address this critical 7-second time frame.

The result was the 7-second resume, a breakthrough video format that allowed opportunity youth to share how their unique life skills could bring value to the workplace. The campaign helped replace hiring stigmas with stories of motivation, ambition and perseverance, and exceeded campaign goals for Grads of Life engagement and web inquiries.