Every summer, about 3.2 million people visit Jackson Hole. Come winter, that drops to 200,000. Yet tourism revenue is the lifeblood of the local economy. So we set out to increase visitors to the area to create a sustainable economy.

In today's travel landscape, experiencing destinations like locals do is an expectation, and traveling somewhere that's held onto its identity is rare. With corporations buying up mountain resorts across the country, mountain towns were being erased.

But Jackson Hole was different. It hadn't lost its western grit, its friendly local vibe or its sense of adventure. If authentic mountain towns were dead, Jackson Hole was the last of its kind.

So we launched a movement called Stay Wild. One that locals could believe in and adventure seekers would want to be part of. It celebrated everything that makes Jackson Hole the last real mountain town.

And it worked. During the winter season, visitors increased by 32% and flight bookings were up 187% (SMARI, 2018). We let our audience feel what it means to Stay Wild and helped lay the groundwork for a sustainable economy that could give more residents the chance to call the area home.

Capturing the local spirit and getting locals to buy in