Agency: 20th Century Fox
Country: USA

Business challenge(s) & campaign objective(s)

Challenged with fierce competition, a fragmented media market, and a difficult brand category , Coldwell Banker--America's #1 real estate seller--was looking for a way to grab the attention of consumers and increase inquiries while remaining true to their core business of selling homes. And what better way to stand out than to build a campaign featuring one of the most recognizable homes in the history of movies: the X-Mansion. To capitalize on the fan excitement surrounding the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, Coldwell Banker created an immersive in-world experience featuring the sale of the X-Mansion for a cool $75m.

Insights & strategy

  • Millennials are avid movie goers and account for almost a third of the movie going public (Movio 2016).
  • Millennials represent 60 percent of first-time homebuyers. They are also more likely than any other group to purchase a home in the next year ( 2015)
  • Consumers increasingly have many options when buying a home, making it much more difficult for traditional real estate sellers to reach potential buyers
  • 51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet; 34% found theirs through a real estate agent. This meant that developing an compelling web-based campaign, overlaid with an engaging agent/broker program was paramount 2016)
  • 90% of home buyers search on-line during their search process (National Association of Realtors/Google 2013)

Concept / Big idea