Agency: Dentsu
Country: Japan

The summary statement

This campaign succeeded in adding the Audi A3 to vehicle purchasing consideration for an urban target who has a "small garage" issue!

Campaign strategy

Acquiring new customers from the owners of rival cars has been the problem, as while the market of the Audi A3 had matured, the sales had been flat. Upon setting a campaign goal under the circumstances, we focused on two facts that "very few urban houses have garages large enough to park a car wider than 1.8m". and "the owners who have a relatively small garage of around 1.8m in urban areas have selected a small Japanese car which certainly fits in the narrow space in many cases, even though they want to purchase a high-quality Audi car."

The A3 has the features of a German premium car and yet has a width smaller than 1.8m, which is compact enough to fit urban housing conditions. The campaign goal is to communicate accurately the advantage to the target car owners in urban areas who have given up Audi cars because of their "small garage" and to spread conversation among secondary targets.