Agency: Deluxe Corporation
Country: USA

Winning the category

Upon its release, the Small Business Revolution – Main Street series was received less as an innovative marketing campaign and more like a true TV show. Case in point: When Deluxe announced plans for a second season, the company quickly received 14,000 nominations – and it was named among Inc. magazine's "9 Top TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch in 2017," alongside popular network and HBO series.

Key metrics

  • News stories since 2015: More than 1,100
  • Social and earned media impressions: More than 2.3 billion
  • Social media audience of more than 220,000 (FB, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Video views since 2015: More than 1 million

Business challenge(s) and campaign objective(s)

At the outset of 2016, the name "Deluxe Corporation" elicited puzzled looks. Even after 100 years in business, brand recognition remained dismal – and those who did recognize Deluxe knew it only as a maker of paper checks.