Agency: Dream Factory
Country: Brazil

The summary statement: A challenging briefing producing an innovative idea.

How to innovate in a market that sparkles with creativity and breaks down barriers all the time? How to innovate at an event and for a brand that by essence and tradition already breaks paradigms?

We needed to create, plan and produce the 2015 edition of the renowned and global event, Elle Fashion Preview, surprising a large invited public audience, leading them to a never seen before experience. And this is where the innovation appeared, from the idea and strategy right up to the executed final project.

Campaign strategy: Daring strategy

Elle Fashion Preview is an event for ELLE magazine, a globally known magazine and a reference work for the feminine universe. It has the intention of promoting fashion as well as increasing the sales of the magazine.

It is also one of the largest fashion shows that anticipates world trends and it is the largest in Latin America. The event tends to set the fashionista world on fire, anticipating names and collections that will be displayed at the main fashion events of the resident country.