Agency: Catapult
Country: USA

Business challenge(s) & campaign objective(s)

Family Dollar was looking to deepen its connection with customers by delivering unique content and useful product information — and found a truly new way to do so. By partnering with a production company to create the "Save to Win" game show, Family Dollar developed entertaining content for viewers about shopping and cooking, while shining a big bright light on creative product integration as contestants interacted with their favorite CPG brands. As a result, "Save to Win" drives strong awareness about Family Dollar — from name-brand products to Smart Ways to Save. From an engagement level, the show drove digital interaction and social conversation, as well as in-store conversion by driving people to sign up for Smart Coupons. In addition, we continued our strategic partnership with Pat Neely as our brand Ambassador, given our shoppers' positive response to him in the past. He enhances the shopper relationship with content from his feeds about the show, Family Dollar and the brand partners

Insights & strategy