Agency: LETO/ARK
Country: Russia


Kinder was created to encourage kids to play. So, developing Kinder Favorite Animals - the first mobile app for a FMCG brand in Russia – led to a series of positive outcomes. This project combined promo mechanics: a game, augmented reality and marketing CRM - that's why the campaign achieved the best results among all Kinder apps in Russia.


Kinder asked for an extensive campaign that would stimulate sales of the new Kinder toys collection by generating a sense of wonder.

We had to solve a complicated problem: make something attractive for children with easy and clear conversion into real sales for the brand.

Statistics show that touch-screen gadgets attract children a lot, but presenting another mobile app among the endless number of apps is quite a challenge. So we had to develop a really strong idea.

According to the popular insight "When kids play, they imagine the world where toys are alive", we developed Kinder Favorite Animals mobile app, which could recognize Kinder toys and bring them to life.