Agency: Unite
Country: Russia

Campaign strategy

G-Drive is a brand of Gazprom Neft's signature fuel with enhanced performance.

In 2014, G-Drive ranked among the top-3 most popular retail fuel brands in Russia. One of the tools of promotions is the distribution of G-Drive-branded products, including windshield washer fluids, wet wipes, polishes, accessories, etc.

In 2015, G-Drive and Red Bull, a leading energy drink manufacturer, produced the flagship drinks product: Red Bull for G-Drive.

The main purpose for creating the co-branded energy drink – Red Bull for G-Drive – was to make the G-Drive brand more popular among young people.

The target audience of the Red Bull for G-Drive energy drink is young people aged 18-35 . They live an active life, and drive their own car.

The main agency task was to create a virus video with celebrities from Zenit. The face of company became known as Hulk, footballer for the Brazil national team and FC Zenit. He is very popular across Russia.