Agency: J. Walter Thompson Vietnam
Country: Vietnam


With the fast-food market battle heating up in Vietnam, long-time leader KFC needed to keep getting young people to come back to their stores with the launch of a new, limited-time only product – the Black Pepper & Lime Chicken.

The ingredients black pepper and lime are featured in almost every Vietnamese meal, as "flavor enhancers" to any soup, stew, or fried dish – however they are never considered as the key ingredients as a seasoning. KFC decided to shake up common belief that side ingredients never make a good dish by crowning black pepper & lime as hero flavors of the new Black Pepper & Lime Chicken. This surprising twist of the two ingredients going from zero to hero in KFC's launch communications, catapulted the duo to become even more famous than the hottest celebrity couple in town.

The launch campaign for the Black Pepper & Lime Chicken enjoyed great success, resulting a product sales increase of 10% compared to the sales of another chicken flavor product from the year before.

Campaign strategy