Agency: J.Walter Thompson Vietnam & Mirum Vietnam
Country: Vietnam

Continuing a 3-year tradition of getting young people in Vietnam to take a break for love on Valentine's Day, KitKat sought to be remembered as a sweet Valentine's Day gift for a loved one. However, among so many other (and more fancy) gift options, how could KitKat stand out?

Using a remake of a local pop hit "Say You Do", KitKat reminded youngsters that on Valentine's Day, it's the love you have in your heart that makes the best gift of all. The brand also provided a way for its audience to create these customizable love-gifts, with the help of KitKat.

KitKat's song and video gained viral status in a short two-week period running up to Valentine's, inspiring fan-made parodies and covers, and ultimately, earning love-points for the brand helping them with the ultimate Valentine's Day gift.

Campaign strategy

Local context

Since the first time entering Vietnam's market, KitKat had seen Valentine's Day as a potential occasion for the brand to get closer to Vietnamese youth and gain more love from them. Sharing one consistent theme of 'Take a break for love' through the years, they both aimed to remind fast-living Vietnamese youngsters to take a moment to rethink of what truly matters.