Country: Russia

The summary statement

A provocative and engaging online campaign with exceptional results: +140% sales increase and a staggering ROI of 50 - yet we launched the campaign with only five billboards, minimal SMM seeding - a tiny budget of 6000. Pike Caviar Chocolate created tonnes of buzz.

Campaign strategy


  • Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand known for its "variety and unusual flavors". Ritter Sport has the largest number of SKUs among its competition. Every year, Ritter Sport launches brand new flavors to support its "variety and unusual ingredients" attribute.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, the Russian economy tumbled, the ruble was devalued and budgets were slashed.
  • Prices for chocolate, particularly imported chocolate grew by up to 40 % in the course of just three months.
  • All major players reduced their range and stopped launching new products.
  • Rather than raise prices Ritter Sport decided to cut down its media and promotions budgets.
  • Contrary to the competition and despite the complex economic situation, Ritter Sport launched four new flavors onto the market.