Agency: SEVEN
Country: Russia

We had a top-quality and effective motivational program last year. We stayed away from funny pictures that are supposed to be shown at festivals, but had an excellent strategic and creative approach to business processes.

Weber Vetonit is a brand on the dry building mixes market. Their LR+ is widely known, but other products' sales are far from ideal. They are almost not represented in traditional retail. Our goal is to conquer new sales outlets, displacing competitors from the shelves. Our challenge is to bypass distributors, sub-distributors and retail outlets to bring the product from the warehouse to the end consumer.

To start with, we created three motivational programs called "Full throttle" for distributors and one for major customers – construction teams. Briefly this is how it worked:

Distributors: Managers will sell a full range of products and collect extra money for achieving sales targets. The director will receive a paid event to build the team spirit – with racing karts and such.