The Wonder Drug was Losing Its Wonder

Bayer® Aspirin has been trusted for over 120 years and is known as "The Wonder Drug®" for its many indications, from relieving minor aches and pain, to reducing fevers, to lowering the risk of another heart attack or ischemic stroke. Despite all the good Bayer® Aspirin had done, the brand was beginning to lose its wonder. From 2012-2017, U.S. dollar sales declined due to competition from OTC pain relievers and prescription medications.

This was due in large part to the fact that, over time, the brand had begun communicating to an increasingly narrow audience, speaking only to those who had already suffered a cardiac event (heart attack or ischemic stroke).

In addition, from 2013-2015 the brand declined on a key equity: "Provides Life-Saving Benefits."

The Opportunity: A New Indication for A New Audience