The Context

The power of digital gives innovative companies the chance to provide a transformative experience for customers. Any industry can be massively disrupted by disintermediation – Airbnb and Uber have revolutionised the travel and taxi sectors by dealing directly with the public – and our client BOXT saw huge potential in bringing that model to domestic heating.

Big industry players have always used salespeople to sell boilers. They visit customers' homes to prescribe a boiler, flue, fixtures and fittings, 'upselling' and pocketing commission. In this model, buying a new boiler takes two weeks – allowing for a phone call, home visit, salesperson's recommendation, agreement, contract, boiler delivery and, finally, installation.

Our clients at BOXT saw that the industry was ripe for disruption. Thanks to a prior bricks-and-mortar business, they had the industry contacts and market expertise, and wanted to use digital to leverage that expertise. By combining it with the lean agility of a start-up, BOXT could offer customers a quick, efficient and economical way of buying a new boiler.