Insight and Strategic Thinking

Make dirty, good.

KFC's Dirty Louisiana burger was an indulgent beast. Chicken, double cheese, a hashbrown, Supercharger sauce, black pepper mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, topped off with a gherkin.

The task was simple: generate mass awareness and demand for this new product by making dirty, good. Whilst the task was simple, the challenges were significant, for four reasons:

  1. The media and production budget were slim at just £200,000, this level of investment was low in relation to the scale of the task and the large amounts of media being bought by competitors on social.
  2. We were launching KFC's most indulgent burger when the nation's obsession with healthy eating had reached fever pitch. Mintel's 2017 Attitudes to Healthy Eating stated: 'signalling the UK's booming healthy eating trend, 63% of adults try to eat healthy at least most of the time, up from 58% in 2015'1.
  3. 'Dirty Louisiana' means something VERY different in internet slang
  4. Make 'dirty' a positive word, for a brand that is negatively associated with dirty restaurants, dirty food and dirty ethics.