Modesty Threatening Our Mission

The National Safety Council is an American non-profit whose mission is to save lives by eliminating preventable deaths from causes like falling, choking, car accidents, and drug overdoses.

For over 100 years, we had been laser-focused on our mission. However, we prioritized campaigning about the issues at the expense of brand-building.

So, in 2016, despite this century-long legacy, most Americans had never heard of us. We had <1% top-of-mind awareness and 1% unaided awareness.1

We realized our modesty was actually threatening our mission; we could save more lives if people knew who were were.

Cycle of Low Awareness

Unfortunately, our low awareness trapped us in a vicious cycle.

Low awareness meant consumers weren't talking about us. And without this broad consumer recognition, we were less likely to receive the funding we needed. This, in turn, limited the reach of our programs, thus reducing public awareness.