A Big Issue No One Cares About

parodontax is a specialist oral care brand, dedicated to gum health.

Primarily a toothpaste it is known in the UK as Corsodyl.

In early 2015 GSK earmarked parodontax as a global strategic priority.

The global business plan was aggressive:

  • CAGR of +15% (previous year growth was +4%1)
  • Grow market share
  • Double sales value by 2021.

The world's biggest oral health issue

1 in 3 adults globally suffer from gum disease2, an infection caused by bacteria build-up along the gum line.

The consequences can be nasty: patients develop gingivitis (a key sign is bleeding from your gums), advanced gum recession called periodontitis and eventually tooth loss.

In developed countries more teeth are lost from gum disease than cavities or tooth decay combined.

And scientists have established a causal link it to systemic health problems like heart disease, diabetes and cancer3.