Executive Summary

This entry will tell you the story of Laura Rutherford and her son Brody and how, with a little help from Tesco, we found a way to genuinely help our customers with a very real problem they face every day.

It will bring to light the significant challenges Laura faced when her four year old son, who has an undiagnosed genetic syndrome, autism and epilepsy, started to outgrow the regular nappies sold in supermarkets. How due to the limitations of what the NHS incontinence service was able to offer and the sheer desperation of the situation, prompted Laura to start her own Change.org petition and a call to arms for all supermarkets to help. Tesco was the only supermarket to answer.

We'll show how we spent 3 years, working closely with Laura and our suppliers, putting all of our trust and power in the expertise of the right people to technically make the product and those who would ultimately benefit from it.