We're often told that 'Content' needs to feel like the opposite of advertising. It can't overtly sell, because selling is incompatible with generating engagement.

This is the story of a campaign that challenges that assumption.

Introducing Hostelworld - 'The of Hostels'

You might not have heard of Hostelworld. We hadn't when they came to us.

Simply put, they are the of hostels. In 1999 the founders of foresaw the shift to booking online. So they built a website, signed up a load of hostels and were soon growing in leaps and bounds. By 2015 natural momentum (and the acquisition of all their smaller competitors) had made them the dominant hostel specialist, responsible for the majority of bookings in the market.

That meant they now represented hostels. And in order to keep growing they had to convince young travellers to stay in hostels rather than Airbnbs or budget hotels.